We provide so many different ranges of architectural finishes.  Most are sealed with a 2pac polyurethane in either gloss, semi or matt clear; wax or an oil

Brass Ranges

    Espelho (Mirror brass with gloss clear) 

    Latao Antigo (Brushed brass)

Bronze/Patinated finishes Douro (Aged brass)

    Castanho Claro (Light bronze)

    Castanho Escuro (Dark bronze)

    Latao Antigo #1 (Light antique brushed brass)

    Latao Antigo #2 (Dark antique brushed brass)


    Criz (Polish copper with gloss clear)

    Saltadouro (Brushed)

Antique Copper

    Ardila (Aged Copper)

    Alcoa (Dark aged copper)

    Arade (#1 Light antique brushed copper)

    Alva (#2 dark antiqaue brushed copper

Black Nickel/blackening

    Pavia (Polish black nickel)

    Prado (Satin black nickel)

    Pranto (Aged black nickel)

    Vizela (black oxide)

Aged Zinc

    Algoz (Light aged zinc)


    Sorraia (Polish Chrome)

    Selho (Satin chrome)

    Sever (Brushed chrome)


    Vouga (Polish Nickel)

    Zela (Brushed Nickel)

    Pilas (Antique brushed Nickel)

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