All finishes are available: polished, satin, linished and brushed.

  • Chrome: Brilliant ‘Bluish white’ Untarnishable Finish
  • Zinc: Hexavalent and Trivalent (ROHS Compliant). Available in Rack or Barrel Plating
  • Copper: Usually used as a precoat for steel and zinc die cast items
  • Nickel: White lustrous finish. Oxidises/tarnishes into a slight yellow tint.  Available in Rack or Barrel Plating
  • Tin: Creamy/White finish used for products in contact with food. Available in Rack or Barrel Plating
  • Brass:  Light yellow finish. Available in rack or barrel Plating
  • Gold:  24ct Rich yellow
  • Silver:  Soft, White, Lustrous Finish used for Decorative and Industrial. Available in Rack or Barrel Plating
  • Antique Finishes:  Antique Brass, Antique Silver, Florentine Bronze (All Available in Many Shades)
  • Stainless Electro polishing: An alternative to mechanical polishing in which price may be a factor
  • Rumbling/Deburring: Used on small components that may need small burrs knocked off or rounded or/and bright polished to a shine
  • Metal Polishing: in house polishing for restoration work especially where mirror chrome finish Is required